With a broad variety of Learning Services, Coaching and HR Solutions we support Startup & New Business Founders to develop their leadership skills and organise the Human Talent Development of their companies.

Apart from the business idea and the company itself, People involved in it are the most valuable Asset of any business venture.


Our key values are:

People Value, Innovation, Empathy, Simplicity

Our vision is to

Share corporate Leadership skills and HR tools with every new business and startup founder who wants to thrive by leveraging his peoples’ assets and value.  We aim to bring together the Startup Ecosystem with the Corporate Market. 

Our mission:

Startup Pathways™ is a unique initiative committed to enlighten People Value and develop the next-gen of Entrepreneurs in Greece.

Our Services for Startups

Leader's Academy Programme

In Leaders’ Academy we prepare Founders for the corporate real market by armoring their personalities, behaviors and competencies with Leadership, Innovation Management, Communication, Personal Branding, Negotiation, Pitching and Sales behavioral and Self Growth skills.

We invite Series A and Scale Ups Founders to travel with us in this executive learning journey. The process is supported by a high skilled dedicated team of HR, Coaching and Learning Experienced & Accredited Professionals, as well as the best well established learning firms in the Learning & Development Industry.

Leaders’ Academy is offered to Participants for free. A unique leadership programme in Greece.

Extra-Version: The Startup School

We prepare early stage Startup Founders (pre-seed, seed MVP or seed) with the essential skills to strengthen their presence in an extroverted state of mind.

We support them to develop Pitching & Influence skills and Pitch Deck expertise, to craft their Personal & Corporate Brand, to familiarize with Fund Raising techniques and practice Service Design methodology.

We embolden their real entity value for their participation in Awards, Fund Raising, Accelerators… Always by focusing on people’s value and skills. A Unique programme on crafting people value apart the business idea!

Stand Alone Learning Programmes:

We take over your training need analysis. Researches shows that learning value not only increase productivity and crafts employer branding but may also decrease employees turnover.

We provide high quality learning experiences in Communication, Management, Negotiation, Sales, Service Design & Design Thinking, Personal Branding, Pitching, Exposition Sales.

HR Services

We provide HR Consulting Services adjusted to Startup and Scale Ups needs. From Organisational Structure to internal HR Systems and Process Design – Talent acquisition, Performance Management, Compensation, Learning and Development – in order to increase performance and enhance your employer brand.

Our Consultants are experienced HR Professionals with a significant exposure to the Greek Startup Ecosystem.

HR Outsourcing

We do the HR for you. We implement and we run all the necessary processes of Human Resources Management to ensure its smooth running. Personnel selection and hiring, Salary scale, Performance Appraisal, Training Planning.

Digital Nomad Installation

Social Security, Legal, Civil Liability, Hiring processes so you can concentrate to your installation journey without stress.




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About Us

Providing high-quality learning, coaching, and HR Services, our Startup & New Business clients are armored with essential leadership skills and HR tools that will embolden them to effectively drive their venture to success by leveraging the most of their human treasure in a challenging business world.

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